• About Us

    On June 9th, 2010 (otherwise known as "Day of Rock!" in Japan), Glams Co., Ltd. began in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan.

    Previously a guitar lecturer at Yamaha Popular Music School, Daisuke Miura created his own E-Commerce company selling apparel, where he met his business partner and bandmate, Blain Hosford. Everyday they spent hours editing product photos for their online store, to which they realised that there must be a way to combat this time wasting, mind numbing, expensive but necessary task. Through their meeting not only did they write songs together, but created the revolutionary software ZenFotomatic. 


    To put it in perspective; the life of an 80 year old human being if converted into seconds will equate to about 250 million seconds. The same number of seconds that ZenFotomatic took to process images in January 2016. This is the reality of how much time ZenFotomatic saves.


    We at Glams use a one-of-a-kind technology, born from an identity which goes beyond nationality. Instead of wasting time on meaningless things, we wish to reconnect people to what's more important.

  • ZenFotomatic

    When owning an online store, it is essential to create beautiful product photos. However, this takes time and money, right?

    ZenFotomatic is an intelligent automation software that can batch process, clear-cut, resize, whiten backgrounds and so much more with just one click.

  • Available Positions

    Image Processing Engineer

    The ideal candidate should:

    • Be a creative problem solver, able to share ideas within a team environment.
    • Have a solid foundation in software engineering concepts and development process.
    • Have solid experience in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS for front end. For backend PHP and database also desired.
    • 3+ years experience at a professional level building front end Javascript solutions.

    • Work closely with a UI designer to bring designs to life.
    • Be familiar with web technology and able to learn new stuff on the fly.
    • Be able to plan ahead, assess risks and take on responsibility to see a project through to completion.
    • Have consideration for customers' needs but also the team's needs.
    • Have intermediate to advanced English ability.

    The candidate will work along side other researchers developing the ZenFotomatic algorithm. Though flexibility to work on other projects may also be required.
    Character traits

    • Honest.
    • Humble.
    • Able to listen and learn.
    • Empathise with users.
    • Empathise with team and communicate.
    • Respect deadlines.
    • Have a desire to create quality.


    Yearly Salary: ¥3,000,000〜¥10,000,000 per year

    Bonuses : 2 per year



    Salary is negotiated depending on ability and experience. Information Science degree preferred.

    If interested, please send your resume to careers@glamscorp.jp or if you have any questions, fill in the contact form below!

  • Our Values

    Our vision

    Strive to Problem Solve

    As technology is constantly changing and the demand is growing, we strive to meet these demands. We creatively improve technology to meet our customers' needs.

    Our core values

    Efficient - High Quality - Fast - Simple

    We believe through these values, we can create happiness through technology.

    Our mission

    Reconnecting You With Reality

    We understand here at Glams that your time is precious. We aim to help you in every way we can to give your business the best head start.

  • Location


    2339-1 Kurotsuchi-cho Kita-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka


    TEL: +81 72 242 7480 FAX: +81 72 242 7481

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